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Not much to report at the moment due to COVID 19.  Carmel has a couple of private gigs later in the year and

 hopefully Jackadder's will be up and running again before too long.


Carmel and Lynda performing at Tuart place on Monday January 20th from 1pm

Please let us know if you'll be there - email us on or phone on 6140 2380.


Tuart Place is the West Australian resource service for adults who were in any type of out-of-home care during childhood,

 including foster care and children’s Homes. Our governing body is Forgotten Australians Coming Together Inc. (FACT).



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Review of "The Great Ride" Presentation by Royal

Western Australian Historical Society


WWI - the Great Ride - 1918 by Carmel Charlton

"A thoroughly researched and well-presented exposé of the less-known offensive of the Australian 10th Light Horse regiment aimed at liberating Damascus during WWI.  The chronicle of historical facts is given life by images from various sources and the personal accounts of Private Ned Moriarty written in a letter to his sister, as well as by Carmel’s poetic readings and simple songs that are reminiscent of a trooper's story-telling and sing-along.  Her emotion-charged finale, “Horses Coming Home” brought many to tears.

Carmel’s presentation is one of the best I have heard, and it has inspired me to learn more about my grandfather's involvement  in WWI and the Great Ride to Damascus."

— Dr Louisa Lawrance, Nedlands, Western Australia.

"Carmel held us spellbound as she took us on a journey through the history of what has come to be known in military circles as The Great Ride.  With photos, excerpts from personal letters, maps  and some beautiful poetry set to her own music, Carmel told us the harrowing story of an incredible, successful  ride by the Australian Light Horse Brigade from Jaffa on the coast  to  ‘free’ Damascus, the last stronghold of the Ottoman Empire. We heard the account as it was seen  through the eyes of Trooper Ned Moriarty, related in his letters to his sister Alice in Bunbury. The evening unearthed a lot of local connections with the Mt Barker branch of the Moriarty  family and Carmel was especially thrilled to talk to people about these ties."

Judy Lill  Mt Barker RSL

Below:  Trooper Ned Moriarty                     THE GREAT RIDE  Presentation by Carmel Charlton         

    In 1918 Palestine the Australian Light Horse commenced a
    pursuit of the Turks all the way to Damascus. Carmel Charlton will
    present “The Great Ride” comprising images, songs and dialogue.
    It is based on a diary/letter written by Trooper Ned Moriarty to his
    sister Alice. It also includes the verse of Louis N. Weston of the 
    10th Light Horse Regiment who recounts his journey to Damascus
    Some of the verses have been arranged to music by Carmel. The
    10th Light Horse Regiment was given the honour of leading the
    Australian Mounted Division into Damascus where they accepted
    the formal surrender of the city.

                                                                                   (below) A brief rest by the Sea of Galilee  

For most of the push, the 10th Light Horse was the Advance Guard leading the Australian Mounted Division.   In late 1918, with the Ottoman army in tatters and its soldiers surrendering in thousands, Australian mounted troops rode into Damascus before T. E. Lawrence of Arabia.  The Australians who swept through Damascus and on to Aleppo, Homs, Beirut and nearby Tripoli, were part of "The Great Ride".   Commanded by the Australian lieutenant-general Sir Harry Chauvel, it involved the biggest column of mounted men since Alexander the Great traversed the same deserts.


    Carmel and Jude Iddison performing at the Stirling Mess Hall during the ANZAC Albany Commemoration.
Being in Albany during this special time was a memorable experience        

Radio stations continue to play my music.  Heard Macca on Australia All Over play "My Nullarbor Home" on Australia All Over last Sunday.  It's always encouraging to receive positive comments from shows and listeners to radio stations who play my music.

Evening Carmel,
Just wanted you to know on Sunday ( 29th April ) on Macca ( abc radio ) I was finishing my nightshift at Brockman 4 minesite ( up out of Tom Price ) when this beautiful voice started singing on the radio. That being you. You have no idea how lovely you sound in Komatsu 830 haultruck singing “ Whispers on the wind “ at that time of the morning. Having been in the truck for eleven hours and the break of day starting what a great way to start a new day J. I have my A mus A in classical piano which I did when I was 19 yrs of age. Had sung in choirs until I was 40.  Wishing you good health and happiness. Wesley Peaker J


Have just been previewing Out of This World for North West FM in the northern suburbs of Melbourne - and for a change what a pleasure listening to a CD became!! 

Congratulations on producing a superb collection of music!  It will be in our library and on-air on Friday - and promoted to all our Presenters to encourage them to use it also! 

You suggest the tracks are '16 catchy original songs for children' --- you just forgot to add 'of all ages!'  Bob (husband and North West FM President) and I (Treasurer and 'mother' to all - and pretend music co-ordinator for CD library!) are both tooooo old to be considered children of any age - but we both just loved almost every track!  I think we need to get another copy so we can play it and keep it for ourselves!  Best wishes, keep singing! Jean Rau of North West FM radio   Melbourne

Hi Carmel, Just wanted to let you know we are thoroughly enjoying listening to the C.D. entitled "Songs from the West" which we purchased from you at the gig you did a month or so ago at Mojo's Coffee Bar in Willis St. Wellington, NZ.  

I said to you on that evening I thought your true pitch singing voice was similar to Judy Collins or Joan Baez folk styles and your album certainly confirms this observation. 

I hope you can return to Wellington one day or maybe could I suggest if you felt like it, that you approach the Wellington Folk Festival organizers who do advance bookings for the annual October (Labour weekend) for top line singers like yourself, to appear in this music festival held at Brookfield Scout camp, a few km's out of Wellington - it's something to think about.   Philippa Boardman, Wellington, NZ
Above photo taken by Gerard Hudson - contact for more details 

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Stay Tuned.  Drop us a line and we'll keep you posted.


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